Mayflies spotted in the Danube Delta

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A photographer passionate about nature has captured a spectacular phenomenon in the Danube Delta, the mayflies, some special insects that only live up to several hours per day.

The mayflies are also known in Romanian as Rusalii, after the religious holiday of Rusalii/Whitsun/Pentecost, for they are visible around this holiday.

The mayflies only live for a few hours up to one day. They stay in the water as long as they are maggots, meaning from one to three years, then at maturity they bring out their wings and start flying only to mate.

The moment of their appearance in the Danube Delta was caught on camera by a photographer passionate about nature.

According to specialists, the life of the mayflies depends on the clean environment, so they usually appear in non-polluted areas.

On the other hand, legends say that mayflies are the spirits of the youngsters who died before getting married, and who, once a year, are allowed to come down on earth for mating.

A simile phenomenon was visible on Mures River in early June 2018.

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