Mayor of locality in Calarasi cuts the line and gets vaccinated against COVID-19

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The Liberal mayor of the small locality Alexandru Odobescu in Calarasi county, southern Romania, has got vaccinated against COVID-19 although he is not included in the categories that must be vaccinated in the second stage of the vaccination campaign.
“Responsibility! The first vaccine dose!” mayor Niculae Eremia posted on Facebook, along with a photo with him getting the jab.

After being slammed for his move, the mayor told that he managed to get vaccinated for there was one dose left and “he could”, explaining he did not want to take anyone’s place, but just to give a signal so that people should get vaccinated, for they “are reticent” about the jab.

“There are many people in the commune who do want to take the vaccine. Yo, brothers, the vaccine is very important for everybody (…)  I didn’t want to cut the line, to take anyone’s place. A dose of vaccine remained. I did not want to hurt anybody. If there is a problem with that, I will not take the second dose,” the mayor argued.

Asked where he has taken the vaccine, Eremia said he had gone to the vaccination center in Calarasi, together with the doctor and the nurse from the dispensary in his locality, without giving further details.

Nicuale Eremia is at his fifth mandate as mayor.

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