Mayor of resort town in Romania buys desk ordered by Elena Ceausescu before the 1989 Revolution

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A Romanian mayor bought the office furniture ordered by the wife of former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in an attempt to make it a touristic attraction.

The desk is made of sycamore maple and Gobelin tapestry and was sculpted by the handicraftsmen in Targu Mures at Elena Ceausescu’s special order in 1989. However the dictator’s wife never got to use it.

Now the mayor of Singeorz-Bai, Traian Ogagau bought it for EUR 2,000 and the desk is thus used for the first time in 27 years.

“The desk can be a touristic attraction. It’s a rare item with a historical significance and a beautiful story. This is what tourists are looking for, wherever they are,” the mayor says, explaining that he bought the desk with its personal funds.

Traian Ogagau is fond of the goods that belonged to the Ceausescus. He also bought Ceausescu’ s former protocol residence downtown Bistrita several years ago.

The impressive piece of furnishing, assessed for EUR 15,000 has toured several international furniture exhibitions for ten years but after that it found shelter in a warehouse.

Elena Ceausescu ordered the desk from the furniture factory in Targu Mures in 1989, but it remained unused as the Revolution came. A businessman bought it and the furniture was reproduced in 20 copies and delivered to Kremlin.

The original furniture, the one ordered by Elena Ceausescu, was brought again to Romania and has stayed in a warehouse for 15 years.

Sangeorz-Băi is a resort town located in Bistriţa-Năsăud county, Transylvania. Located at the foot of Rodna mountains, the town is crossed by the river Someşul Mare and hosts nine springs of mineral water.

The town of Sangeorz-Bai became a spa town in the 17th century. Its mineral water springs are rich in chloride, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

The Sangeorz-Bai mineral water is said to rival in properties the springs of Vichy (France) and Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic), and it is in high demand for treating digestive tract diseases, hepato-biliary diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases, as well as rheumatic diseases. The spa is equipped with electrotherapy and hydrotherapy installations for inhalations, warm mineral mud wraps, paraffin wraps, medical gymnastics and fitness halls.

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