Mayor to walk 300 km to Bucharest in protest – wants to meet President Iohannis and PM Tudose


Mayor of Copsa Mica, Daniel Tudor Mihalache (PNL) has started on Monday a march to Bucharest as a protest in order to draw the central authorities’ attention to the issue of drinking water in the locality.

The mayor has left for Bucharest with a backpack and a stick. The people he meets are very nice, as he says. The driver of a truck offered him an apple and a bottle of water, and a woman from a village encouraged him.

On the way, he meets with mayors from various communes and posts on Facebook pictures with them.

On Monday evening, he has arrived in Sibiu.

In the first day of the march, the mayor walked 42 kilometres.

The Mayor of Copsa Mica , Sibiu County in Transylvania, announced last week that he intends to travel to Bucharest to discuss with the officials about the drinking water problem in his locality. He hopes to be welcomed by President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and the Environment Minister.

He is expected to walk over 300 kilometres and should arrive in Bucharest around September 29.

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