Measures to prepare the 5th wave under the sign of failure to adopt the COVID certificate


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On Wednesday, the Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila (photo) presented, together with the director of the National Institute of Public Health Adriana Pistol, the estimates of the specialists in connection with the 5th wave of the pandemic, but also the measures that the Ministry of Health has prepared. Rafila also spoke about the COVID-19 certificate compulsory at work, a project abandoned in the Coalition after a discussion with President Klaus Iohannis.

In her turn, Adriana Pistol explained that the adoption of the certificate would have reduced the pressure on hospitals in the wave generated by the Omicron variant. “60% of the vulnerable population is unvaccinated,” says the INSP director.

“We had the highest mortality rate in the EU, 3% of infected patients died and people with other pathologies who had limited access to medical services were also affected. We want this to stop happening. We only have the so-called public health measures, which refer to the distance, the use of the mask, which we recommend. We need to find a solution to revitalize the vaccination campaign with credible and accessible information,” said Minister Rafila. He added that he has limited tools to stop the spread of the new strain, one of the possible tools being the COVID electronic certificate, which was not adopted due to a political decision in the Coalition.

We are trying to extend the testing to the family offices and we hope to be successful in detecting the infected people as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we have developed a COVID-19 certificate to slow down the transmission, but it has not been adopted. It is a measure that we would have liked to take in Romania, it remains to be seen if in the next period there will be a political decision leading to the adoption of this document so as to avoid three major things: 1. a lockdown; 2. school closures; 3. as few deaths as possible and for that we must have all the tools “, said the Minister of Health.

Rafil also announced that the duration of quarantine is decreased from 14 to 10 days in Romania as well, as in most EU countries.


“If the COVID-19 certificate had existed, the growth slope would have been much smoother,” Adriana Pistol, INSP director said in her turn. According to the INSP director, Omicron will become the dominant strain by mid-January, with an estimated 25,000 cases a day. In the optimistic scenario of the 5th wave, in about one month from now on, 1,500 beds will be full in intensive care, given that 60% of the vulnerable population is unvaccinated and there will be 25,000 admissions in hospital of Covid patients, INSP official said.

She argued that the response capacity of the healthcare system in this 5th wave will be overloaded, at least as at the level of October 2021.

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