Metrorex and trade unionists reach deal on 20% wage increase. General strike cancelled

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After months of tensions, the negotiations between Metrorex SA management and the subway trade unionists have reached a deal on Tuesday and the employees will sign, in the coming days, the collective bargaining agreement and will give up the intention to organize general strike.

USLM trade union leader, Ion Radoi, has told Digi 24 TV private broadcaster that finally Metrorex has accepted their demands. As a result, the wages and bonuses will increase by 20% and the employees will also collect a Christmas bonus and a yearly bonus, each worth RON 1,000.

The success of negotiations is to put an end to a tensed period of time, with both parties threatening to open a court case. USLM had held a warning strike, ruled as not legal by the court and has repeatedly warned to organize general strike.

The Subway trade unions wanted to organize general strike during November 10-15.  The general strike was postponed due to the Government reshuffling involving Transport Minister Lucian Sova. Trade unionists said negotiations will be resumed after the appointment of the new minister.

The collective bargaining agreement expired on October 27. The trade unionists requested a wage increase of 42% and the improvement of labour conditions, whereas the management’s offer was of 8% wage increase.

The Subway Free Trade Union (USLM) picketed in August, for four days, the Transport Ministry and two days the Government offices in order to draw attention on the problems faced by Metrorex.

Metrorex has about 4,500 employees. “In 1990 there were 6,400 employees. Now we have more stations and we need 700 employees more,” Ion Radoi said in late October.

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