Metrorex cuts power for subway shops, tensions between the company and trade unionists mount

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The Metrorex management has decided on Tuesday to cut the power for the subway shops, in a new attempt to take hold of the shops in order to organize an auction. This is seen as a new step in the conflict between Metrorex and trade unionists.

However, the contracts to hire the commercial spaces signed in 2003 has expired last year, being extended by Metrorex one year, but now it wants to terminate it. The reason? 70% of the money collected from rent went to Sincomed, the trade union’s company, and only 30% to Metrorex. Furthermore, the rent paid this year was of only RON 409 per square meter, the company says, informs.

Trade unionists warn to organize general strike if their demands are not solved. During the most recent negotiation between Metrorex and the trade union, the demand of wage increase has been reduced from 41% to 35%, a new round of talks being expected soon.

The negotiations have been postponed because the Transport Ministry has changed the Metrorex board, which is to grant the negotiation mandate to the executive management, a procedure that lasts several days, the same source reports.



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