Military ordinance on Coronavirus: Foreigners and stateless, banned from entering Romania. More restrictions in force


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The Interior Ministry has passes a military ordinance on Saturday evening, with several restrictions and recommendations in force.

Among the new measures, there is the one banning the entrance of foreign citizens and stateless people on Romania’s territory due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

There are yet some exceptions, the foreigners who transit Romania’s territory, on transit corridors, organised through agreements with the foreign states, as well as some categories of foreign citizens : family members of Romanian citizens; family members of citizens of other member states of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation, residing in Romania; persons who hold a long-stay visa, a residence permit or a document equivalent to the residence permit issued by the Romanian authorities according to the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 194/2002 regarding the regime of foreigners in Romania, republished, with the subsequent amendments and additions, or a document equivalent to them issued by the authorities of other states, according to the law of the European Union; persons moving in professional interest, evidenced by a visa, residence permit or other equivalent document.

The following categories are also allowed to enter Romania’s territory: diplomatic or consular personnel, personnel of international organizations, military personnel or personnel who can provide humanitarian aid; passengers in transit, including those repatriated as a result of granting consular protection; passengers traveling for imperative reasons (medical or family-related); people in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons.

According to the military ordinance setting new measures for the prevention of the COVID-19 spread, the measure is coming in force as of Sunday, at 22:00hrs.

“Recommendation-like” restrictions

Interior Minister Marcel Vela has announced the measures in a press statement on Sunday night, as well as several traffic restrictions, which have yet were revealed as “recommendations”. Thus, from 6 a.m and 10 p.m. it is recommended people get out of their houses only for certain reasons, such as shopping, going to work, taking care of older people or walking pets.

However, the secretary of state for emergency situations Raed Arafat said that these recommendations must be though considered as “mandatory”.

At the same time, going out in groups larger than 3 people is forbidden during the day, except for the family members.

At night, during 22:00hrs to 06:00hrs, going out is possible under the same conditions as during the day, but any person must show, upon the authorities’ request, the ID card, service card, a clean bill from the employers, or an affidavit.

At the same time, the commercial activity of shopping malls is shut down, except for supermarkets, pharmacies and vet stores, and dry cleaners inside of them.

Rules for the religious gatherings

The ordinance brings novelties for the religious gatherings, saying that “services can be held in the churches by the priests but without public access.” Religious services can be broadcast online or in mass media. “Masses for private events such as christening, wedding ceremonies or funerals can be held, but maximum 8 people can attend. Priests can give the Eucharist to the sick people at their houses.”

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