Military prosecutors probe into flares that damaged car in Craiova during military drill


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The Military Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation following an incident on Tuesday night to Wednesday when some flares had fallen down from the sky damaging the windshield and board of a car in Craiova, southern Romania. Other two objects have been taken from the scene.

The car was parked about two kilometers away from the spot where a subunit of the Polish Military Contingent deployed in Romania was having a drill in cooperation with the 26th Infantry Battalion “Neagoe Basarab” (aka the Red Scorpions). The drill took place at a garrison in Craiova on the training filed Obedeanu during the night.

According to a press release issued by the Craiova Multinational South-East Brigade, the training exercises didn’t involve shootings with individual weapons or with the arms on the armoured vehicles, but only with flares.

Two other similar objects have fallen down in the area.

Poland participates with a 225 strong contingent and 47 technical means to the 26th „Neagoe Basarab” Infantry Battalion of the Multinational Brigade South-East, in agreement with the pledges made by Romania and Poland at NATO Summit in Warsaw.

The Polish troops are training along the troops of the Multinational Brigade South-East, as part of enhancing the tailored Forward Presence of NATO.

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