Military prosecutors received no information about the tear gas used during recent protests. What does the Riot Police say?


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First-prosecutor of the Military Prosecutor’s Office upon Bucharest Military Tribunal, Ionel Corbu, who investigates the file of the Diaspora rally’s violence, has said on Wednesday that they had received no information about the tear gas used by the Riot Police during the Diaspora rally on August 10. At the same time, the Capital Prefect’s Office has not given investigators the order based on which the Victoriei Square has been evacuated by force, although military prosecutors had asked for it four days ago.

Yet, he added they had received the Gendarmerie’s action plan, intervention plan and the journal of the operational actions.

Asked of the action plan reveals what information gendarmes had and why they used violence during their intervention against protesters, Ionel Corbu replied: „There are elements and clues which prove the magnitude of the events, but in my view, the exacerbated aggression actions were not justified in any way, as long as there were multiple ways to remedy such endeavors that had degenerated”.

The military prosecutor also disclosed that they had not got any documents on the quantity of the tear gas used during the protest last Friday.

For now, we don’t have data and elements regarding the concentration and composition of the gas used,” he pointed out, while adding he has asked the Bucharest Prefect’s Office for the intervention order, but he hasn’t received it.

Riot Police retorts

The Riot Police (Gendarmerie in Romania) has retorted to the concerns on the tear gas effects.

The tear gas used by the Romanian Gendarmerie in various devices (spray, high-intensity pulverizer or mace cartridges) are bought by our institution exclusively from authorized retailers, certified by the law.

We also mention that these substances are used by most of the European police force and riot police,” says the Romanian Gendarmerie in a press release.

According to Rise Project, the ammunition used during the Diaspora protest has been bought with RON 13 million from a businessman who has been fined in the past for rigging a public arms auction.

Chemist Raul Patrascu, assistant professor at the Medicine Faculty in Timisoara, who graduated Yale told Digi 24 that the tear gas used by gendarmes on August 10, shortly named CS, is harmful, particularly when it is used in high concentration. The gas has effects on short, medium and long term, starting from skin irritation, eye problems, to pneumonia or cancer. When used on long term, the gas can lead to miscarriage, DNA damage and multiplication of the carcinogenic cells.

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