Millionaires, among beneficiaries of the intended compensations for inmates, which would mount to EUR 550 M

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The penitentiary trade unions has criticized again the Justice minister’s intention to ‘compensate’ the inmates imprisoned during 2012-2017, saying that will cost the state budget from EUR 370 M to EUR 550 M.

The justice minister’s intention to <compensate> the criminals imprisoned during 2012-2017 also has, besides being importune and immoral, a major budget influence, considering the high number of former inmates who are supposed to benefit of those EUR 5-8 per day for improper detention conditions. More precisely, there would be 92,000 inmates who would benefit of these compensations, so the total costs for the state budget would mount to a sum ranging from EUR 370 M to EUR 550 M,” reads a press release by the Federation of the National Penitentiary Administration Trade Unions.

“The expenses envisaged by minister Tudorel Toader to <award> the criminals might instead be used to build 1,500 schools with 8 classrooms each or 11 hospitals with 450 beds, as education and healthcare have been declared national priorities,” further says the press release.

The trade unions argue that the ECHR has never asked to compensate the inmates, has never imposed mandatory actions, but it has just asked the improvement of the detention conditions.

The trade unions also revealed some of the potential beneficiaries of this initiative.

Among them there are Gheorghe Stefan (former mayor of Piatra Neamt and football financier), sentenced to prison for corruption and released after serving 1,278 days in jail, who would get compensations worth EUR 6,390 to EUR 10,224, Mihai Stoica (former football investor and manager), sentenced for fraud and released after serving 713 days in prison, who would get compensations from EUR 3,565 to EUR 5,704, Mircea Basescu (former president Traian Basescu’s brother) sentenced for influence peddling and released after 860 days in prison, who would get EUR 4,300 to EUR 6,880, businessman Nicolae Dumitru, sentenced for influence peddling and released after 568 days behind bars, would receive EUR 2,800 to EUR 4,544 or Gregorian Bivolaru (former MISA leader), sentenced for sexual intercourse with a minor, released after serving 764 days in prison, who might get compensations ranging from EUR 3,820 to EUR 6,122.

The trade unions of the penitentiary’s staff has also slammed the JusMin’s proposal several days ago, arguing the victims of the crimes should be compensated, not the inmates.

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