Miners went on strike at Oltenia Energy Complex. What has the Energy Ministry proposed?

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Major strike across the mines of the Oltenia Energy Complex in Gorj. Miners have been refusing to work for three days. The protest broke out on Friday night at the Jilt Nord mine and has rapidly extended to the other nine mines of the Energy Complex. Miners are asking for double wages and holiday vouchers.

Miners say they have low wages, ranging from RON 2,000 to RON 2,500 and also argue they did overtime without being paid for that.

The trade union leader Marian Pescaru claims the miners have been lied that they would be paid on Christmas and it didn’t happen. Moreover, he says they didn’t receive the meal vouchers and overtime pays either.

The Energy Complex management retorts it is open to dialogue and urged miners to come back to work, but miners have refused to talk to their chiefs, asking Energy Minister Anton Anton to come in Gorj and negotiate with them.

Over 13,000 people work at Oltenia Energy Complex, being the largest coal-fired energy producer in Romania, as it provides more than one third of the country’s energy system.

The Energy Ministry is trying to solve this work conflict, as it could jeopardize the security of the National Energy System. Romania has already imported electricity for several days.

The Energy Minister has summoned the Oltenia Energy Complex heads to an emergency meeting to find a solution to unblock the situation.

Later on Monday, after a meeting between the Energy Minister, the management of the Energy Complex and the miners’ representatives, the proposal is a rise of 12-13% of the gross salaries and granting miners holiday vouchers as of May 1.

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