Mocănița steam train resumes regular rides for tourists

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Mocănița steam train, one of the main symbols of the Motilor Land resumed regular rides for tourists on Saturday. The steam train will go from Abrud to Campeni and back every weekend until September 11.

Mocăniţa narrow gauge railway is going at a speed of 15 km per hour, has three coaches, with 18 seats each. The fourth carriage providing 20 seats is to be concluded in two weeks.

Therefore, every Saturday and Sunday, the train will go from Abrud to Campeni when there are minimum 20 people. It leaves the Abrud railway station three times a day, at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. A ride is RON 25 for adults and RON 15 for children.

Mocănița was in service this year also three days on Easter and three days on Pentecost, while about 17,000 tourists travelled by the famous steam train in Apuseni Mountains last season.

The travellers can admire the natural beauty of the region across Abrud valley for two hours, on a distance of about 11 kilometers. The train will go through Abrud, Gura Rosiei, Carpinis and Campeni.

However, this sector is a just a small part of the former Mocănița’s route, which used to be quite spectacular while revealing the splendor of the Arieș valley that stretched on a distance of about 94 km between Turda and Abrud. The steam train has been commissioned in 1912 and was in force 85 years until 1997.


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