More and more doctors and nurses test positive for COVID-19 in Romania. Others resign, some hospitals refuse patients with coronavirus


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24 representatives of the medical staff from “Carol Davila” Emergency Military Hospital in Bucharest have tested positive for COVID-19. The hospital manager Florentina Ionita Radu argues that these doctors and nurses have neither worn the necessary protective equipment nor have they pulled the equipment off properly. Out of those 24, three have symptoms and are admitted at the infectious disease ward, a nurse is hospitalised at Matei Bals and another one at Victor Babes, while the others are in self-isolation at home.

The military hospital manager explained that at the end of last week, the chief nurse of the Cardiology Ward had come to the hospital with symptoms, after being in self-isolation. The next day she tested positive; following further tests part of the medical staff that made contact with her also tested positive.

The manager said they had a patient with coronavirus a week ago, but all the doctors and nurses who made contact with her had worn protective equipment.

Other seven doctors and nurses from Victor Babes Hospital in Bucharest have also tested positive for the novel coronavirus, with having mild symptoms, the hospital manager Simin Aysel Florescu told Digi24.

 A nurse from the Mehedinti Ambulance Service has been confirmed with the new coronavirus, after he had transported a patient about whom he did not know he was infected. An ambulance driver is also suspect. The epidemiologists are trying to find now how many people had made contact with the nurse.

Hospital in Fagaras town refuses to take over patients with COVID-19

The municipal hospital in Făgăraş refuses to take over patients with COVID-19 from Brasov county. The hospital managers argued that “by taking over infected patients the virus will be introduced in a community that lacks cases”.

In retort, the central authorities informed that not complying with orders during the state of emergency falls under the incidence of the law.

14 employees of Arad County Hospital resigned or retired, other 83 took leave

14 doctors from the Arad County Emergency Hospital have resigned or filed for retirement in the past days, claiming they are jeopardizing their families, while other 83 doctors and nurses have taken leave.
The manager Carmen Lucut said the hospital has no infectious disease physician at this moment, as those 6 infectionists “claimed medical issues” and have not come to work. The situation is critical also at the intensive care unit.
9 doctors asked for resignation, while other 5 for retirement in the past days. 83 members of the medical staff took leave, with 35 doctors among them.
347 patients are currently admitted at the Arad County Hospital.
The manager claimed that “the medical staff has been protected until now”, but the hospital has no more protective equipment as of Thursday, April 2.


Doctor Virgil Musta from “Victor Babes” Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Timisoara, which is in the front line in the fight against the novel coronavirus, has called on doctors not to abandon now. “We don’t have an ordinary profession, we knew from the beginning our job means a lot more responsibility and risks, but we chose this profession for better and for worse”, Musta said, urging doctors and nurses to stay “on the frontlines”.

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