More and more join the 15-minute protest: policemen, businessmen, carriers

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The 15-minute protest initiated by a local businessman from Suceava, who also built the first one metre of highway in Moldova at his expense, is going national.

Besides some businessmen, part of the transporters and some policemen trade unions are joining the protest due on March 15, at 15:00hr. By stopping work for 15 minutes that day, protesters want to raise a flag over the disastrous condition of the roads in Romania and over the lack of motorways, 30 years from the anti-communist Revolution.

The vice-president of the National Trade Union of the Policemen in Romania SNPR DECUS, Bogdan Banica, has announced on Facebook that he is supporting the Suceava entrepreneur’s protest, proposing that cops should all take a break on March 15, at 15:00hr.

Before being a policeman, I am Romanian. Before being policeman, I am from Suceava, from Bukovina, an ordinary citizen of this country who is revolted by the rulers’ ignorance, outraged by the sarcastic grin of those who have humiliated us for years, encouraged by our  indifference and non-commitment. I cannot stay impassive when a fellow manages in an original way to raise awareness on one of the real problems of the society. I will say YES to Stefan Mandachi’s challenge, to stop work on march 15, at 15:00hr for 15 minutes,” the police trade union leader said.

He added that every policeman is benefiting of 10 minutes lunchtime break during work time. „What if all policemen in the country would take the lunchtime break on March 15, at 15:00hr? Nothing illegal. Only this way, the employees of the Interior ministry could voice their discontent,” he said.

Augustin Hagiu, leader of the Federation of the Romanian Transport Operators, has announced the support for the protest.

Entrepreneurs in the furniture industry, Viorel Catarama and Camelia Sucu voiced their support for the protest.

Suceava-based businessman Stefan Mandachi said few days ago he would suspend work in his restaurants on March 15, at 15:00hr, for 15 minutes.

Moreover, he became viral after building the first metre of highway in Moldova region, at his expense. The symbolic initiative cost mounted to EUR 4,500.

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