More and more mayors, private companies join the March 15 protest, asking for motorways

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More and more mayors are joining the 15-minutes scheduled on march 15, at 15:00hr, next to private companies, in an attempt to warn over the lack of road infrastructure in Romania.

The protest has been initiated by Stefan Mandachi, the owner of Spartan restaurants, based in Suceava.

The mayor of Iasi, Mihai Chirica, has announced the city hall will join the protest and stop its activity for 15 minutes on Friday.

I will be the first one to stop the activity for we have to get attention over the need of building highways. Not only the A8 motorway, Moldova Motorway, is important, but the entire country needs a network of highways. I don’t think the echo will have a too high resonance, for it has been too long since we have been talking about this need. Probably, it has been worn through in the mind of those who must decide on that, but, at least, we’ll manage to get to the European Commission’s attention that the lack of highways has become a national issue and that we should tackle the next stage of EU financing in a much more responsible way,” Chirica told Digi FM.

Târgu-Jiu mayor, Marcel Romanescu is also joining the protest. The PSD mayor of Turceni town, Cristina Cilibiu and the independent mayor of Bustuchin village in Gorj county, have also announced they are joining the protest lobbying for highways.

The ALDE mayor of Rovinari town, Robert Filip, had announced Monday he and several local councilmen will suspend their work for 15 minutes on March 15 for the same cause.

Jysk Romania, the Scandinavian furniture retailer, has also announced it will join the protest. Therefore, over 800 employees in 73 Jysk store in Romania will stop activity for 15 minutes on Friday, as well as the Customer Service department and the head office in Bucharest.

The issue of highways linking the key cities of the country, as well as linking Romania to the rest of Europe, is more and more stringent. For a retailer, motorways mean a shorter delivery time, lower transport costs, a lower impact on the environment and safe roads.

When all the country’s regions are connected through highways, our customers will receive their products more quickly, with a lower delivery cost. We think that every citizen in Romania is affected, in a way or another, by the fact we don’t have highways, either when they travel by car during holiday and spend more hours than necessary on the road, or when they wait for a package that should be delivered from another corner of the country or when they pay more for a product, because the shelf price is also reflecting the cost of transport”, said Alex Bratu, Country Manager JYSK Romania and Bulgaria.

The 15-minute protest initiated by a local businessman from Suceava, who also built the first one metre of highway in Moldova at his expense, went  national.

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