More donations and help for the modular hospital from Elias


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Isopan Est, a local operator on the thermal insulation panels market, part of the Italian Isopan group, has donated all the necessary materials for the modular hospital construction, which will be located in the courtyard of Elias University Emergency Hospital, in Bucharest.

Overall, Isopan Est  is providing 3,850 square meters of firproof sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation core, Isofire Wall, and Isobox sandwich panels with polyurethane foam. The total value of the Isopan materials used in construction exceeds 100,000 euros.

Through this initiative, Isopan Est responds to “Dăruiește Viață” association’s call to action for companies to join the project.

“We understand and directly support the initiatives that are essential at these times. Now, more than ever, we need to show responsibility and solidarity (…)  We are confident that together, acting responsibly, we will overcome these difficult times. And in the end, let us not forget to remain as united as now and continue building a quality Romania”, said Toni Pera, General Manager, Isopan Est.

“The modular hospital is the result of the rapid mobilization on the part of those who have understood how vital it is to come to the support of hospitals, doctors and patients, to overcome this pandemic together. We greatly appreciated the rapid reaction of Isopan Est and the promptness with which they responded to our request, so as to ensure that we comply with the deadlines set for the hospital raise in which patients with COVID-19 will be treated. We hope that other companies will get involved and be alongside their community, ” said in her turn Oana Gheorghiu, co-founder of Dăruiește Viață.

It is essential for Romania to increase the capacity to treat patients with coronavirus and to protect those with other pathologies that are already hospitalized. The modular hospital that Dăruiește Viață raises, with the help of our donors, sponsors and partners, does just that, in a context where the number of cases is expected to increase. During this period, #ReușimÎmpreună best synthesize our efforts, those of the volunteers, of the donors and of the companies that have been involved in this project that will save lives, not only during the pandemic, but also after, when it will be given a another utility, for example burn hospital,” also said Carmen Uscatu,  co-founder of Dăruiește Viață.

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