More than 1,400 people requested ambulances. Dozens suffered fractures or dislocations. Heavy snowfall expected on Thursday and Friday

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Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service Manager, Alis Grasu, has said on Monday that more than 1,400 people needed help in the past 24 hours, more than half were of code red and yellow, and 33 people suffered fractures or dislocations.

The weather will continue to be very cold, with precipitations such as frozen rain and snowfall in most of southern Romania, leading to glazed frost in Bucharest and six counties. The National meteorology Agency (ANM) has issued a Code Yellow warning for glazed frost Monday morning, sleet and snow expected in southern regions and in the mountains, accompanied by glazed frost and wind gusts.

“Since Sunday morning until Monday morning 1,415 people requested the Bucharest-Ilfov ambulances, of which 798 were emergencies of code red and code yellow. Of the overall cases, 33 people fell and suffered minor accidents, fractures, sprains, dislocations and 29 homeless people were transported to shelters,” Alis Grasu said.

Most affected by the sudden weather changes are the small children and the elderly and people with pre-existing chronic conditions.

“When temperature variations are high from day to night or from one day to another, down from 10C to -5C, the physiological thermoregulatory mechanisms hardly cope with these thermal aggressions and the body suffers,” Grasu added.

She said that in order to face these challenges, a balanced diet is needed, with fresh fruits and vegetables, proper hydration, fish, low fat meat. It’s very important to get rest, a 7-8 hours sleep held the body to recover.

Thursday and Friday – heavy snowfall with thick layer expected

Precipitations, mainly as sleet and snow, will continue countrywide, and in the second part of the week they will turn to snowfall, leading to a snow layer of several centimetres. Glazed frost and cold weather will also affect the country, ANM Director Florinela Georgescu has told TVR public television on Monday.

Snow, frozen rain and sleet will alternate throughout this week, with Thursday and Friday as peak moments.

Then, at the half of next week, temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius are expected, mainly in western Romania.


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