Most Romanians die of heart diseases

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Cardiovascular diseases are the main mortality cause in Romania, prompting 60 percent of the deaths, up by 12 percent then the European average.

Romanian heart doctors, rejoined at the National Cardiology Conference in Sibiu these days warn that the incidence of the heart diseased has increased in the past 10-15 years and for that reason, Romanians have the lowest life expectancy in the EU. French are living the most: women 88 years, men 82-83 years, while on average Romanians die 15 years earlier than French.

“Heart failure is a very serious disease that kills many people. It has been even more serious than cancer in the past 10-15 years,” doctor Ovidiu Chioncel from the Cardiovascular Diseased Institute “C.C. Iliescu” in Bucharest told Digi 24.

The president of the Romanian Cardiology Society, dr. Gabriel Tatu-Chitoiu explained the main risk factors are the high blood pressure, smoking, starvation, sedentary life or obesity.

Romanian doctors also complained that, despite the severity of these diseased, there is no national prevention program like in France or Nordic countries.

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