MPs must study Udrea’s 1,867-page file by Friday. Energy tycoon Buzaianu put up for sale select residence castle from Switzerland

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The Chamber’s legal committee has to file a report by Friday on the anti-corruption prosecutors’ two requests for pre trial detention of Elena Udrea. The lawmakers are to establish the date for the plenary sitting vote on Monday. The file is quite “heavy”, it has 1,867 pages in seven tomes.

“We also announced Mrs. Udrea to come accompanied by her lawyer to study the file today and tomorrow. The program is by 4 p.m., as the file is top secret,” said Ciprian Nica, the committee’s vice-president.

The Liberals have already announced they would vote for the prosecutors’ request. The first deputy chairman of the National Liberal Party Teodor Atanasiu told RFI the Liberal MPs will be ‘consistent’ on the matter.

Meanwhile, local media reported new information on the persons targeted in Hidroelectrica file, one of the cases involving Elena Udrea and energy tycoon Bogdan Buzaianu. For instance, Hotnews informed the high-end castle in Switzerland where Bogdan Buzaianu has resided in the past years has been put up for sale in emergency procedure three weeks ago, therefore by the time the National Anti-corruption Directorate initiated investigations in Hidroelectrica case.

Bogdan Buzaianu
Bogdan Buzaianu

The energy tycoon Bogdan Buzaianu, known in Romania as one of the “smart guys” in this field, has declared his official residence in Switzerland since October 2005. And not in any place in Switzerland, but in Fribourg, De Castellaweg 37, Schloss 3280 Greng, a small, stylishly but wealthy tax heaven town in north eastern country.

The address coincides with one of the fewest private prestigious castles in the Swiss canton, the Greng Castle.

The castle has been put up for sale in emergency procedure at the end of September, through Direct Investment Swiss real estate agency. The minimum selling price is EUR 7.4m, while the immediate selling price mounts to EUR 7.68m. The selling action is coinciding with the corruption investigation initiated by DNA and where the name of Bogdan Buzaianu is also appearing.

An exquisite luxury castle

The castle put up for sale is stretching on three main heavy domains, being located near Murten Lake. It has 1.3 hectares of park, 19 rooms, 690 habitable square meters, ornamental fountains, a labyrinth, a Roman-style temple, chapel, pools, a fish pond, its own tavern and wine cellar. A private beach is on the lake’s shore, while the castle and its domain are surrounded by tall walls.

According to the description provided by the real estate agents, the castle has elevators, apartments, duplexes and triplexes, private saunas and spas, marble chimneys, while being the only private castle of these sizes in Switzerland. It was built in 1785 and ever since it has been the official residence for several VIPs such as the famous Swiss writer Madame de Stael, Benjamin Constant and even Nestle president, Emile Louis Roussy.

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