Municipal councilor: Firea complains about Bucharest city hall’s bankruptcy while spending money on folklore festival

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General councilor Ana Ciceala accused on Tuesday that, although Capital mayor Gabriela Firea claims the Bucharest City Hall is going bankrupt, the municipality is kicking off procedures to host a folklore festival which costs RON 1.4 million. Ciceala, a municipal councilor on behalf USR, said that the money spent on the festival could be used instead of paying the city’s debts.

“<We are in an undeclared bankruptcy,> the Capital mayor used to say several days ago. Meanwhile, on the SICAP, the public procurement platform, new bids to organise a Folklore Festival have appeared. Overall, costs for such an event are mounting to no less than RON 1.4 million (almost EUR 300,0000). One more proof that Gabriela Firea is saying one thing while doing another. With the money allotted in the past three years to the institutions in charge of fairs, festivals and statues, the City Hall could have paid great part of the debts to RADET (editor note: the state-owned institution operating the thermal energy in Bucharest) and the money granted to the municipal companies would have repaired great part of the heating network in Bucharest,” Ciceala posted on Facebook.

Last Friday, Bucharest general mayor, Gabriela Firea, said that Bucharest is currently “in unreported bankruptcy” and that this situation will be approached during a meeting with PM Viorica Dancila.

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