Nadlac customs blocked after clash with Romanians returning from Italy who refuse quarantine


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As flights have been cancelled early this week from and to Italy, hundreds of Romanians working in Italy manged to leave the peninsula by car or bus and arrived at the border with Romania at Nadlac on Tuesday night. Cars were queuing at the border check point, many of the Romanians refusing to enter quarantine as the authorities request.

Police was deployed on the scene as some tens of people were refusing to stay in quarantine and were asking to go home. Eventually, the situation calmed down and people were taken to quarantine, as the Head of the Arad Pubic Health Direction told Digi24.

An emergency meeting had been summoned at the Interior Ministry due to the tensions in Nadlac Customs.

Local mass media reported that the people had initially barricaded themselves in a quarantine centre and that firefighters called to break the door had their fire truck blocked by the Romanians’ cars. Local special forces were called to ease the situation,

Arad DSP chief, Constantin Catana said that “it was not an issue of revolt or hostages”, but the people’s discontent.

“The police was called for they people were discontent, they did no want to stay under quarantine”, he recounted, adding there were 23 people who came by 10 cars and who wanted to go to their residence cities.

Eventually, they were taken to a second quarantine centre, for the first one had already accommodated 40 people. The people will stay in quarantine for 14 days and will be tested for Coronavirus, with tests being taken to Timisoara. They will be tested again on the day 12 and day 13.

Around 11,000 people entered Romania through the Nadlac customs, western Romania in the past 24 hours.

It is not the only case when Romanians tried to avoid the quarantine. Around 40 people returned from Italy by two flights, from an indirect routed. They were yet detected and taken into quarantine.

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