National Day Parade in Alba Iulia, President Iohannis and the Royal Family, Romanians from Diaspora expected to the Union City. Booing against Gendarmerie announced


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President Klaus Iohannis and the Royal Family, but also Romanians from Diaspora are expected to attend celebrations on Romania’s Centennial in Alba Iulia.

The head of state will attend the inauguration of the National Unity Monument on Saturday at 15:00hr and also the military ceremony 30 minutes later, which is announced to be the grandest in the past years.

23 squads of about 1,600 employees of the National Defence Ministry, Interior and Justice ministries and of the Romanian Intelligence Service will march at the parade. 18 squads of wheeled vehicles with 150 technical facilities will also attend the parade, and 23 military aircraft will fly the area (IAR-330 Puma helicopters, C-27J Spartan, IAR-99 Soim, F-16 Fighting Falcon).

21-gun salute will be fired.

The Royal Family will also arrive in Alba Iulia by the Royal Train, which will be towed by a steam engine, Pacific 231.065, built in 1922. HM Margareta, the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, her husband, HRH Prince Radu, HRH Princess Elena and her husband HE Alexander Nixon, HRH Princess Sofia and HRH Princess Maria will be in Alba Iulia to mark Romania’s 100th anniversary.

At the same time, people from all corners of Romania and also from the Diaspora announced their presence in Alba Iulia on December 1.

Several groups of Romanians living abroad got organized to celebrate the Great Union, saying they have chosen to come to Romania to be able to enjoy the centennial, and not to attend the protest meetings announced against the government.

On the other hand, some people, including football fans, announced on Facebook that they will boo the gendarmes who will march at the military parade, in protest against „the gendarmerie’s abuses against protesters, fans, journalists and citizens”.

However, politicians called for calm, arguing protests are not proper on December 1.

Asked to comment on the announced boycott, the mayor of Alba Iulia, Mircea Hava retorted that „one must be very mean” to boo the gendarmes on the National Day.

In her turn, PM Viorica Dancila replied that the National Day should unite and not divide and that no protest actions should be organised.

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