Nearly half of Romanians with higher education say they don’t have Internet at home because is not useful, not interesting – survey reveals

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Almost half of Romanians with higher education say they do not have Internet for home computers because they do not consider it useful or interesting. Moreover, more than half of college graduates say that the lack of skills prevents them from working at home on the Internet. This is the result of a survey released a few days ago by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

The lack of skills is invoked by an increasing percentage of Romanians (since 2014 until this year), while the share of those who complain of high costs decreases – results refer also to people with higher education, informs.

Obviously, those who complain the most about the lack of skills are over 65 years old, but an unpleasant surprise is the doubling in share of the 16-34 age group.

Two Romanians out of five say the Internet is not useful or interesting, one in two blames the lack of skills and one in five blames the high costs. The figures reflect the aging of the population on the one hand, and on the other an educational system with a lot of room for improvement, the source reads.

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