Net surfers will allot RON 730 on the average for the Christmas presents this year, survey says

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Romanians plan to buy more presents for the beloved ones on Christmas this year and to allot a higher sum by 12 percent for the gifts as against 2017, reads the findings of a survey conducted by in partnership with GKI Digital in October.

In 2018, Romanians plan to buy Christmas gifts for 9-10 people, with the sum allotted going up to more than RON 730. Net surfers are willing to pay RON 76 more for these presents as against the previous year. Most of the presents will be destined to the closest people in the family. However, unlike the previous years, more and more relatives and friends have reached the shopping Christmas list in 2018.

To find the perfect presents, 80% Romanian net surfers will use the online shopping, yet, skimming the discounts flyers of the stores (55%) and exploring the shop windows (36%) will continue to be shopping habits.

At the same time, 66% of the Romanians will also shop online, while classic shopping in malls is still popular (68%).

11 percent of the Romanians have started shopping in mid-October, but 37% of them- more than 3.1 million- will wait for the Black Friday sales in the second part of November to buy Christmas presents. Most part, 80% will run afteer gifts even until the last days before Christmas.

Besides the price, Romanians also consider the quality of the products when choosing a gift for Christmas. Most shoppers will go for the classic gifts. According to findings this year, every second present will contain clothes, cosmetics and also toys (43%), interior design items (37%), watches, jewels, fashion items (32%), smartphones, tablets (27%), books, films, music (23%), shoes (21%), electronic products (19%),  household appliances (17%), IT products (16%), sports equipment (14%).

Also popular among youngsters there are also digital items and passes (11%), gift certificates (8%) and various presents for amusement events (trips, tickets, etc).

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