New 59 cases of coronavirus in Romania, overall 367 infected. 52 cured, 14 at intensive care. Woman infected with COVID-19 goes into cardiac arrest in Suceava

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The Group of Strategic Communication has announced on Saturday at 13:00hrs that 367 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Romania so far, with a significant leap reported since Friday, 59 new cases.

Among the total of 367 cases confirmed, 52 people have been declared cured, with the patients being discharged from hospitals (36 in Timișoara, 11 in Bucharest, 3 in Craiova, one in Constanța and one i Iași).

The age of the last patients who tested positive for COVID-19 ranges from one year old and 74-years-old.

There are currently 14 patients admitted at intensive care, with 3 in serious condition. The rest of 11 are in good, stationary condition.

NEWS ALERT: A woman in her 60s, infected with coronavirus, from Suceava, went into cardiac arrest on Saturday afternoon. She was transferred to the Infectious Disease Hospital in Iasi. She is 64yo and had pre-existing heart conditions. The women had recently returned from Dubai.

 Health official: We consider home isolation for the over-70s

The secretary of state within the Health Ministry, Horațiu Moldovan, told Digi24 that the growing number of the coronavirus infections is a warning signal and that the intra-community transmission is a reality. He explained that the most exposed people are those over the age of 70 and that the authorities are considering to impose their self-isolation.

“If the rises by 15-20 cases have been constant so far, now an increase by 60 cases per day shows a growing trend, which is not good. Let’s hope the situation will not be dynamic,” Moldovan stated.


Doctors, authorities slam Bucharesters’ decision to enjoy outdoor leisure time

In full epidemic, hundreds, maybe thousands Bucharesters have taken parks and Baneasa forest by storm, to have a breathe of fresh air, and even for barbecues. Doctors have slammed this move, as well as authorities, who launched calls after calls for those people to stay indoors.

Similar situations have been reported in more other cities, like Brasov, where people came out for a stroll on the streets or in the open air, lured by the fine weather.

The head of the Emergency Situations Department, Raed Arafat, has warned the population to not get cheated by the fine weather and to stay home.

“There are many people going out for a stroll or for barbecues, as there is a fine weather outside. During this time, staying home and avoiding activities that can expose you and your families are very important,” Arafat posted on Facebook, adding that “the virus is not seen, tasted or felt so that it could be avoided”.

“The virus is avoided only through isolation and social distancing. Avoid exposing the old people in your families to this risk. Please, avoid all activities that are not essential!“, Arafat underlined.

Andreea Moldovan, chief of the Infectious Disease Ward within Brasov Hospital has slammed the people’s going out. “Clear recklessness“, she said.”No matter how fine the weather is, regardless if they consider that going out in the open air is better, it’s best for the Romanians to stay indoors. Look what happened in Italy. The Latin spirit that would to laugh at anything and sing (…) But these crowds will only put together the people who have symptoms with those who have no symptoms and facilitate the transmission of the virus“, the doctor explained for Digi24.

The mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, has also reacted, threatening to shut down parks and spaces for barbecue. “This is no isolation! This is not prevention! This is not how you’re staying away from the new coronavirus! A short ride in the nearest park, respecting the social distancing is acceptable, but not the barbecues, the crowds in the playgrounds (…) Everybody say that doctors are heroes and that we must help them. But do we do that? By ignoring their advice?”, the mayor posted on her Facebook page.

We are closing down businesses, with huge risks for the country, but we are staying close to one another in the park? By breathing the same air, possible a contaminated one? The new coronavirus resists 30 minutes (even hours) in the air and around 4 days on surfaces. It is transmitted 4.5 m from the infected person, so it is very easy for us to infect ourselves by accident“, Firea added, announcing that an idea would be “to temporarily close parks to avoid such situations”.

The Police has also reacted on its Faebook post: “When #stayhome remains just a hashtag. It’s a pity!“, the Romanian Police’ post reads, also posting several photos with people strolling in the park.

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