New accusations related to Brădet cheese. 3 employees diagnosed with E.coli. Romanian baby hospitalised in Italy with food poisoning

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Argeș Health Public Direction confirmed on Monday that three of the Bradet company’s employees are infected with the E.coli bacteria with verotoxine gene which causes the hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Another employee of the compnay that delivered the milk was also diagnosed with E.coli.

According to the procedure, the results were communicated to the County Prefecture and to the Health Ministry.

The owner of Brădet dairy company told Mediafax that he had asked that all his employees should take the E.coli test but he hadn’t received the results from Bucharest yet. He said that he called at the Health Public Direction two days ago and they had told him that 70% of the people are carriers of E.coli, that it was not a problem at all and that employees should not take any treatment for that.

HUS case at Romanian baby living in Italy

A Romanian 14-month-old baby is hospitalised in Florence, Italy suffering of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) after he would have eaten cheese of a Romanian dairy company, La Republica informs.

The Romanian baby is admitted to Meyer Clinic in Florence with food poisoning, the doctors saying he was diagnosed with the uremic hemolytic uremic syndrome caused by the E.coli bacteria. The local sanitary authority suspects that the child has been infected after eating cheese produced in Romania, revealing the name of Brădet dairy company.

The authorities for food safety immediately started an epidemiological investigation in the Florence area; there are suspicions that the illness has been caused by a type of cheese produced in Romania. Citizens were recommended to not eat dairy products from the Brădet dairy company and to hand them over at the stores where they have been initially bought them from as soon as possible,” the Florence sanitary authority says.

The above-mentioned cheese would have been bought from several stores selling Romanian products but also from other shops.

In retort, the owner of “Lactate Brădet” Marius Badea said that the baby in Italy couldn’t have got ill due to the products sold by his company. “We stopped the production on March 1st, all our products have been withdrawn from the Italian market. This piece of news brings new suspicions on the quality of Brădet products. We are worried again until the tests in Italy are available,” Badea stated.

After initially pointing to Lactate Brădet cheese for causing the illness of children with hemolytic uremic syndrome in Romania, the Agriculture minister and later on, other food safety and microbiology institutions, called back and said that the results of the tests conducted in the case of the children suffering of E.coli infections in several counties in Romania show that the genetic profile of the E.coli strains taken from the patients, from the Bradet cheese is not identic.

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