New African swine fever outbreak confirmed near Bucharest

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The  virus of the African swine fever has been conformed on 15 pigs in the household annex inside a farm 4 km away from Tunari, in Ilfov county, the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) announced on Sunday.

ANSVA said the veterinary services have immediately intervened and placed the farm under surveillance, while restriction measures have been enforced against people, animals, products and transportation means. At the same time, the animals in the farm have been killed and the carcasses have been destroyed.

There have been 15 dead and sacrificed animals.

The Police has opened an investigation, with the preliminary information pointing to the possibility that the sick pigs have been brought from an area affected by the African swine fever outbreak.

The virus has been confirmed on the pigs in two households in Borcea village, Calarasi county, at the border with Ialomita county on August 15.

ANSVSA warns that all suspect animals must be sacrificed and neutralized, also informing that owners will be compensated by the state, under the law.

Two weeks ago, ANSVA informed that the African swine fever has spread to 98 localities in eight counties, with a total of 545 outbreaks confirmed, but in the south-eastern part of the country the evolution of the disease is extremely aggressive.

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