New amendments on the justice laws. Romania’s President, re-introduced in the chief prosecutors’ appointment procedure

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The chairman of the special committee on legislative stability in the judiciary field, former Justice minister Florin Iordache, has tabled the draft justice laws in the Parliament on Tuesday. The draft law will be debated in Parliament and will not be assumed by the Government. Ye, the draft law is different from the version drafted by the Justice minister Tudorel Toader at the Government, a version which had received a negative opinion from the Superior Council of Magistracy.

One of the new amendments filed to the justice law package is the one stipulating that the head of state should be re-introduced in the appointment procedure of the chief prosecutors.

“The novelty is that the President is the one who decides one time and reasoned both in the case of appointing and recalling the chief prosecutors,” said Iordache.

At the same time, he revealed that the Judicial Inspection will not be subordinated to the CSM anymore, but it will an autonomous body coordinated by a National Council for Integrity of the Judges and Prosecutors.

Iordache also announced that a directorate to investigate magistrates under the General Prosecutor’s Office’s authority will be set up.

Dragnea asked his public stances on justice laws to be considered

Referring to the justice draft law filed at the Chamber of Deputies, the Social Democrat Party chairman Liviu Dragnea has said on Tuesday that he had asked the special committee to take his public stances on this topic into account.

“I told Mr. Iordache to consider my public stances related to the appointment procedure of the chief prosecutors (…) So far, for me there haven’t been any serious arguments so far to amend the current procedure (editor note: when the Romanian President is naming the chief prosecutors),” Dragnea explained.

On the other hand, new protests have been announced against the justice laws’ initial version this weekend, with people urged to come and voice their discontent against such provisions as the President’s removal from the procedure of naming the chief prosecutors.

JusMin: Amendments can be amended

In retort to the new amendments filed on the justice laws, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said they don’t belong to the Justice ministry and that amendments should not be judged as they can be also revised.

“A group of MPs have taken over the draft on justice laws. They have the freedom to maintain some proposals (…) As any draft law, it doesn’t produce legal effects and the final form will be the one in the opinion of the Commission of Venice. Let’s not judge the intermediary versions,” Justice minister Toader said.

Iordache refers to ‘slight’ threshold of RON 19,000 for the abuse of office

I don’t think that adopting “a slight threshold” of RON 19,000 on the abuse of office will bother anyone, said PSD deputy Florin Iordache. He said the amount was proposed by the Magistrates Association and is the equivalent of ten salaries.

“It’s an option. A minimal threshold won’t bother anyone. I think there are some 14-15 versions so far,” he added.

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