New anti-corruption protest in Bucharest on Sunday

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Bucharesters plan to stage new anti-corruption rally on Sunday, March 12, in protest against recent intention to amend the pardon law and to pardon certain corruption deeds.

The protest is entitled “Game over. In democracy, corrupt people stay in jail”.

Why is this protest? That’s why: Senator Serban Nicolae presenting the amendments on the pardon draft law: About 2,700 people will benefit of them. I don’t think the corrupt ones should stay three in beds, in damp, precarious hygiene conditions”. The organization answers: “Corrupt people should stay in prison, and if they lack conditions, conditions must be enabled for all people who are serving jail time”.

According to the organizers from the “Corruption kills”, people will get together and will also protest against other Government’s intentions or Parliament’s decisions, like the Labour minister’s announcement to double the state employees’ salaries or the GEO 9 that will allow mayors to spend money which don’t exist. “Romania will go bankrupt, like Greece”, protesters argue.

They also pointed out that the GEO 79 allowing hospital managers being named through contest had been vetoed in the Senate, while slamming that the GEO 15/2016, which decreased the illegal woodcutting by 80% is also on the black list in Parliament.

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