New born, a 3yo child and a woman died following pest control in the building. Neurotoxic substance detected

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Three people – a 10-day-old baby, a 3-year-old child and the latter’s mother,  29yo woman – have died in a block of flats in Timisoara following a suspicious pest control in the building.

Other three children and three adults are currently admitted in hospital, while 14 were sent for medical tests.

The Timis County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations has announced that a neurotoxic substance had been detected on the staircase. The 200-apartment building has been evicted.

At present, the husband of the deceased woman is also hospitalized, alongside other men and children.

Timis sub-prefect, Daniel Cristian Franțescu, said there is no conclusions for now regarding the causes of the deaths, the more the two children who died had different symptoms. For the time being, preliminary information show that a pesticide has been detected in the building and the investigation is based on this information.

Two pubs in the city have been closed down, as the same exterminator company has conducted the pest control in the two pubs and in the block of flats where three people died.

A criminal case has been opened in rem for manslaughter.

The spokesperson of the Timisoara Ambulance Service said that the first call regarding the tragedy had been made on Saturday.

“There have been calls from this building since Saturday, but the parents of the first dead child, aged 3, had refused to take the kid to the hospital on Saturday morning, but in the evening they came back on the phone, claiming the same symptoms, vomiting, inappetence and the child was transported to the hospital where he died. In the case of the 10-day-old baby, it was a suspicion of being choked with the milk. Nobody was considering intoxication back then. The baby was rushed to the hospital, but he also died. The mother of the 3yo child who died has also called the ambulance on Monday morning with the same symptoms. The doctors resuscitated her, but she had another cardiac arrest and died”, said the doctor from the ambulance.

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