New British documentary on Romanian immigrants tries to repair Channel 4 controversial reports


A BBC documentary broadcast in Friday at “Inside Out London” show presents the life stories of several Romanian or Polish immigrants, but depicting both sides of immigration- on one hand young qualified persons searching for a decent job, on the other hand homeless people living in precarious conditions.

A three-episode documentary broadcast by the British Channel 4 in February and titled “Romanians Are Coming” sparked protests of the Romanian community living in UK, as they denounced the biased angle of the documentary, which focused only on the negative aspects.

This time, BBC documentary is presenting two case studied. One of them refers to a young dentist, Iulia Creta who decided to leave Romania for finding new professional opportunities in Great Britain. Graduate of the Medicine Faculty in Cluj Napoca, the young lady left for UK without having a preliminary employment contract, with no place to live, and having to face all prejudices about Romanian immigrants, but eventually she found her place, as she also enjoyed the support of Romanian Dentists Association in Great Britain. The head of the association, Tommy Tomescu even set up a new party in UK, Europeans Party that militates for the immigrants’ voting right in a potential referendum on UK’s pullback from the EU.

The other side of the Romanian immigration in UK is represented by the homeless people who are sleeping on the streets. The documentary is reporting the case of 20 Romanians of Roma ethnic group who came from the southeastern Romania and are now sleeping in tents under a highway, in an area known as “the fortress”. They live in poverty hoping to find temporary jobs in construction sector.

Romanian prostitute story on BBC One Wales

On the other hand, a different BBC One Wales documentary on prostitution, Selling Sex To Surviveis presenting the story of five women prostituting to make a living, a Romanian woman’s included.

Sorina is working in a brothel, earning enough money to support her family back in Romania, her child, her mother and her young sister.

“In this profession, you have to be a very cold woman, who doesn’t think, who has no heart, nothing. I send all money to my mother in Romania. As Romania is a very tough country, for if you don’t have money you have no education and they are throwing you on the street (…) I am helping my mother, my son and my younger sister, so that she could have a better job than mine,” Sorina said. Producers mention that this is not her real name.


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