New cold wave as of Sunday, meteorologists warn

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The weather will improve in the following hours and days, however meteorologists warn a new cold wave will arrive in Romania as of Sunday.

Rainfall will go away starting on Wednesday evening, and the temperatures will continue to melt the snow in the mountains, so that the risk of floods is not over yet. During the night of Wednesday to Thursday rainfall will restart in the western and northern regions, whereas in the mountains, at high altitudes, sleet and snow will be registered. Strong wind is also expected.

The weather will get increasingly warmer in the following days, with highs between 9 degrees Celsius and 18C in the Danube plains, informs.

As of Thursday the rainfall will continue in western, central and northern Romania, and on isolated areas in the eastern regions. On Saturday the temperatures will reach 20C in the southern regions.

On Friday, the precipitations will continue in the eastern and southern Carpathians, also on western Carpathians as of Saturday.

Nevertheless, as of Sunday, the weather will change dramatically. In Bucharest, for example, the highest temperatures will not exceed 2 degrees Celsius (down from 20C on Saturday). Hence, during March 18-20, temperatures will stay below the monthly average for this period, with lows below zero.

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