New evidence in Caracal case: Blue purse found in Gheorghe Dincă’s car


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Investigators have found a blue purse in Gheorghe Dincă’s car in the Caracal murder case. The purse doesn’t belong to the alleged victims, Luiza Melencu or Alexandra Macesanu, judiciary sources revealed.

Alexandra’s uncle, social activist Alexandru Cumpănaşu, has confirmed the information, also saying that two earrings had been found in Dincă’s car, but only one of them belonged to Alexandra.

DIICOT prosecutors have asked for a new expertise of the recently found items, as they suspect the aggressor could have made a third victim.

Moreover, the uncertainty behind the genetic tests of the bone fragments found in the forest that could not determine a precise DNA for the bones were too burnt, is shaping even more the version of a third victim.

While searching Dincă’s car, investigators found two earrings and a purse. Alexandra’s mom recognised an earring as belonging to her daughter, but the other earring and the purse had not been identified either by Alexandra’s or by Luiza’s parents.

When she was gone missing, Luiza had a bag, but it has never been found.

Bone fragments were found in Gheorghe Dincă’s courtyard, with the aggressor confessing he had murdered Alexandra and burnt her body and with investigators establishing the bones contained Alexandra’s DNA.

On the other hand, no DNA profile has been determined in the bones found in the forest near Dinca’s house.

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