New evidence in the Revolution file: Three previous assassination attempts against the Ceausescus

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Military prosecutor Marian Lazar has announced on Monday that investigation has substantially advanced in the Revolution file, with investigators ascertaining that evidence related to the organization of the revolution had been destroyed and that there had been three attempts to assassinate communist dictators Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

Prosecutors decided to hear numerous witnesses and collaborated with historians, writers and journalists who had boned up on the events of December 1989. They also decided to further check the military and civilian archives of the Romanian Senate.

Investigators say they have identified the source of noise with panic effect released on December 21, 1989, during Nicolae Ceausescu’s speech, which triggered, among other events, the anti-communist protests in Bucharest.

Prosecutors also claim they have established the clear succession of the military-political events existing in the evening of December 21, 1989, as well as the events in the night of December 21 to December 22.

Investigators have also clarified the circumstances related to the escape of the communist presidential couple, to their route and the conduct of the military forces, before, during and after the revolutionists broke into the headquarter of the Communist Party’s Central Committee.

Investigators also established the composition of the political and military ruling who took over the total power in Romania after Ceausesc ran away and the general conclusion was that there was no power vacuum in December 1989.

The evidence so far reveals that there is partial available information about the start and the enforcement of the military diversion as of December 22, 1989, which certified that the diversion existed and was extremely complex, being the main cause of the numerous deaths and injuries.

The evidence also disclosed the mechanisms of the constant disinformation with serious consequences launched through the public television and radio stations and other military communication means, which enabled the well-known terrorist psychosis. At the same time, prosecutors are currently in process to reveal the way that certain military diversionist orders had been given, with extremely serious consequences.

According to the investigators, there is information related to the same diversion proving that Romanian armed forces had imported two types of military fire imitators in 1987.

The evidence also pointed to a clear image of the request for the military foreign help, particularly for Soviet help and the serious consequences of such a request for the domestic military structure and for the civilian population.

Military prosecutors who are currently investigating the Revolution file say that there have been orders coming from the top of the military hierarchy back then asking for the physical elimination of the Ceausescu pair. Therefore, until their execution on December 25, 1989, there have been identified another three previous assassination attempts against them.


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