New heatwave to hit Romania, up to 40C expected


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The largest part of the country will face a new wave of extreme heat this week, while on Thursday and Friday temperatures will approach 40C in the shadow, the director general of the National Meteorological Administration, Elena Mateescu, said on Tuesday .

“Indeed, it is possible that Thursday and Friday will be the hottest days of this week, because, especially starting from Thursday, the heat wave will spread throughout the country, it will intensify in the south and west of territory, where the temperature values ​​will approach 38 degrees.

On Friday we are talking about extended areas, where, especially in the south, southwest part of the country, temperatures can approach 39-40 degrees in the shade, 37-38 degrees in the west. Practically, all extra-Carpathian areas will be characterized by hot weather, because Friday’s highs will exceed 35-36 degrees in the shade. On Saturday, especially in the south-eastern half of the country, we will record values ​​of 35 to 37 degrees, while in the west, in the intra-Carpathian regions, we will indeed talk about a significant decrease, at a lot 25-27 degrees.

If today the instability will be significantly less compared to yesterday, tomorrow, especially in the west, northwest, then in the center, east and locally in the south, we will again talk about atmospheric instability phenomena that will be characterized through convective cloudy developments, torrential showers accompanied by storms and amounts of water that can exceed 20 – 30 liters/m2 in short periods of time“, Mateescu told Digi 24.

She pointed out that there will be alternating periods in which the temperature values ​​will exceed the threshold of a hot day, as will happen these days, starting from tomorrow.

As tomorrow we will be talking of values ​​above 35-36 degrees, especially in the Danube Meadow and the Dobrogea Plateau. Until Saturday, we already record four consecutive days in which the values ​​will characterize hot weather in the west, south-west and south of the country. There will also be short periods when the temperatures will drop and there will be significant differences of more than 10 degrees, as will happen on Sunday, especially in the western part of the country, where even starting on Saturday, the maximum temperatures will not exceed 25 degrees. (…) Next week, again starting from the middle of it, the values ​​will approach the threshold of a heatwave day in the south, southeast part of Romania”, said the head of ANM.

According to her, the month of July this year ranks third in the list of the hottest periods in Romania, compared to the interval 1981 – 2010.

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