New Hexi Pharma case: Searches at companies that allegedly have produced and distributed diluted disinfectants to more than 30 hospitals


Police officers have conducted searches on Tuesday in Bucharest, Ilfov and Prahova counties, at the homes of some people and at the headquarters and work points of some companies that in 2018 allegedly have produced and sold disinfectants to hospitals, which did not meet the standard performances in destroying the bacteria.

The police officers of the Economic Crime Investigation Division, under the coordination of the Bucharest District Court 1, have conducted five searches in Bucharest and in the Ilfov and Prahova counties, the Romanian Police inform, quoted by

According to the quoted source, the searches were conducted in a criminal file in which investigations are carried out on deception, forged documents under private signature, thwarting the disease control and marketing of altered products.

The investigators say that various biocides for surface disinfection have been manufactured and sold to various hospitals in 2018, but they did not meet the standards in bacterial destruction.

The best known similar case was the one of Hexi Pharma, sued for fraud after distributing diluted disinfectants to hundreds of hospitals in Romania.

Health Minister Sorina Pintea has told Digi24 TV private broadcaster that these searches come after the complaint made by the Ministry of Health, stating that the diluents in the tested hospitals are “non-compliant”, not diluted.

“This file was opened following a complaint made by the Ministry of Health on January 10 this year. Last year, the inspectors of public health directorates checked the hospitals in the country on the efficiency of certain biocides. As a result of the analysis of 15 products, nonconformities were found in a specific area of action, on 3 products. Following their retest, the initial results were confirmed, so the Health Ministry made a complaint about these products to the companies that sell them,” Sorina Pintea said.

“I can tell you it is about 30 hospitals countrywide, but when the nonconformities were noticed the withdrawal of the products was decided. (…) When the checks were conducted, the biocides were already in the hospitals. If the current protocols are enforced, there are no dangers for the patients. The companies were fined by RON 35,000, however when the Health Ministry representatives tried to contact the managers, they could not be found,” the Health Minister said.


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