New incident at the Parliament: Two men wanted to enter with sidearms


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A new security incident took place on Friday at the Parliament, where two men who had come to a conference of revolutionaries tried to enter the building with white weapons. Two days ago, an AUR member tried to enter the Chamber of Deputies with four bullets in her bag.

According to the Capital Police, the 17th Police Department was alerted at the C1 entrance to the Parliament Palace, the SPP employees from the security filter found a metal box and three pocket knives on two men aged 71 and 74.

One of the men was disturbed by security guards, saying he had a grenade at home.

According to the quoted source, the two have the quality of revolutionaries and had come to the National Conference for the Dignity of Revolutionaries in December 1989, which takes place in the “Nicolae Iorga” hall. In the case of both people, a criminal case was opened for “carrying or using dangerous objects”.

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