New initiatives for professional development, created on Facebook

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During these times when businesses and professionals from all areas are facing new challenges and many of the events and conferences that should have taken place have been cancelled, experts from all industries, institutions and organisations continue to support their development through projects run on Facebook. From events broadcasted on the platform to courses, recommendations and like talks, these initiatives are coming in the aid of all who must adapt to these difficult times and develop new solutions to the problems they are facing.

Amongst the most appreciated initiatives recently developed on Facebook are:

  • The School of Values has launched #WhatAreYouDoingNow? (better in Romanian), an awareness and accountability campaign with the aim to shape behaviour through the power of example. How? With the help of online interaction: beneficiaries, partners and all stakeholders involved with the educational ecosystem that is The School of Values are working to offer the best and most useful online workshops.
  • Let’s Tok @Naradix is the most recent Narada project. This consists of LIVE Facebook broadcasts of digital courses for students, help by business leaders, entrepreneurs, professors and public persons.
  • George Buhnici is continuing his #IGDLCC interview series cu with special guests and topics, dedicated to the current crisis. In these interviews, George and his guests debate the newest information publicly available and clarify the legislative frameworks that everyone needs to understand these days.
  • The Crisis Cell // events-related info on corona threat is a Facebook group dedicated to event organizers and all those working in the industry. Since its beginnings, the aim of the group was to identify the best and safest solutions, but also to be a place where people can share correct information and facts related to the current situation.

During these difficult times caused by the spread of COVID-19, the online is becoming, more than ever, the place where communities and SMBs can find the support they need. From video calls on Messenger to live broadcasts of events and individual or collective initiatives that aim to help those in need, the tools offered by Facebook platforms are used in new and surprising ways to allow communities and SMBs to adapt their activity to the current conditions.

As a thank you to those who transform resources on its platforms in tools that bring about a positive impact in the fight against COVID-19, Facebook aims to encourage people by sharing the stories of the most interesting initiatives created by Romanian users. Local groups that come in aid to the vulnerable people, live yoga and Pilates sessions or live discussions on practical advice for businesses are just some examples of these kinds of initiatives.

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