New parties await approval in court: ‘Dracula’s Impaled’, ‘We, the Geto-Dacians’


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The Bucharest Court has received requests to register new political parties. Three persons want to register a party named ‘Dracula’s Impaled Party’ and the judges will issue a decision on February 25.

As known, writer Bram Stoker has had Wallachia’s ruler Vlad Tepes (photo) as inspiration for his character Count Dracula.

This is not the only party with weird name. Last year a request was filed to register the political party ‘We, the Geto-Dacians’ which has as logo the Dacian ruler Burebista, called ‘the unifier’.

Other political parties registered in 2018: Rezist Party, the Independent Union for Tecuci Party, Banat Party, Street Alliance Party, Modern and Dignified Romania Party, Romanian Nation Party.

The full list of the 181 parties registered may be found on the Bucharest Court’s website.




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