New protest meeting staged in Victoriei Square. What was the protesters’ message for the Bucharest mayor?

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Several hundreds people took to the streets again in front of the Government’s office in Bucharest on Friday night to voice their anger against the Bucharest mayor’s intention to prevent protests from being staged in Victoriei Square and to organize a winter fair in that area.

The meeting lasted in about three hours, with protesters saying they won’t give up manifestations. They sounded the alarm on Facebook and decided to take to the streets also on Friday on the National Day to voice their discontent in a protest entitled “Romania is dying”.

Protesters shouted “Firea, don’t forget, this is not your square!”, “PSD, the red plague”, “Traitors,” “Resignation”. They wrote the slogan “Romania is dying” from big, white letters.

Bucharest city hall announced it would organize a winter fair in Victoriei Square during December 5-17. The law bans two public gatherings being staged in the same place.

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