New protests against emergency ordinance on justice laws in Bucharest, other big cities

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Hundreds have taken to the streets again in Victoriei Square in Bucharest on Sunday evening to protest against the new emergency ordinance amending the justice laws, arguing this one is more serious than GEO 13, which stirred wide street protests back in the winter of 2017. Protesters say now that they want a political-free judiciary, to preserve its natural order.

„Justice, not corruption!”, „How mutt can you be to gas some children?”, „Resignation”, „PSD, the red plague”  are some of the messages chanted by the protesters. They have also displayed a large size banner reading „Independence of prosecutors”.

People have carried Romania’s, EU’s and US’ flags, but also placards with #rezist while blowing vuvuzelas.

Demonstrators have brought in the first lines an iron barrel having the photo of PM Viorica Dancila stuck on it while some protesters kicked the barrel with hammers.

For only one man and his cabal of offenders who deserve to go to jail, an entire ruling has been trying for two years to destroy the justice system. They started with GEO 13. We took to the streets and stopped them. They went on with the justice laws. We took to the streets and the European Union reacted. They tried to ignore the signals from Europe and adopted the Criminal Codes to save the criminals. We took to the streets and our voice was heard up to the Venice Commission. Now, they came back from whey they started: to the GEO 92 that is threatening the activity of the DNA and of the General Prosecutor’s Office”, reads the Facebook page of the protest.

Similar protests staged in Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara

Around 200 people protested in Victoriei Square in Timisora and in Unirii Square in Cluj-Napoca against the ordinance amending the justice laws and against the Supreme Court’s ruling to ban spontaneous protests.

Protest in Timisoara,

Protesters in Timisoara chanted „Resignation”, „We want hospitals, not cathedrals”, „It’s a pity for the bloodshed”, while waving placards reading „You gassed us, you won’t get away with it” and  tricolor flags.

GEO 92.2018 is seriously threatening the activity of the DNA and of the General Prosecutor’s Office. For the miners’ riot file, for the August 10 violence, for Tel Drum, from Belina and many painful questions that still require an answer, we tell you: You won’t get away!,” the organizers posted on Facebook.

102-year-old philosopher Mihai Sora was in Timisoara attending the protest on Sunday. “The political class makes us think many times, makes us take to the street. Let’s not lose our faith in this country’s future. Eventually we’ll win!”, Sora said.

There were around 100 people protesting in Cluj-Napoca against justice laws amendments and against the supreme court’s ruling banning the spontaneous protests.

People took to the street also in Iasi. “Down with the thief Government, made in Teleorman!”, protesters shouted.

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