New protests announced for Saturday downtown Bucharest. Solidarity rallies in Chisinau and Sofia

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A new protest has been announced for Saturday downtown Bucharest. The protesters are expected in Piata Victoriei as of 13.00h and at 16.00h a march will take place towards the parliament to build a human chain, the announcement reads on Facebook.

Solidarity rallies have been announced in Chisinau and in Sofia. The march in Chisinau will take place on Friday, February 3, at 18.00h starting at the Stefan cel Mare statue downtown the Moldovan capital, under the motto “Two states, same thieves.”

“The solidarity march takes place in the context of the huge rallies in Romania, where during the past three days took place the largest protests since the Revolution. Several activists, representatives of the civil society and members of the Dignity and Truth Platform support the march,” reports.

On the page calling for protest in Sofia, Romania is given as example for anticorruption fight and any weakening of the system would be “a bad omen for Bulgaria.”

“If Romania makes steps back in the fight against corruption, it would be a bad omen for Bulgaria. In latest years Romania has successfully shown there is hope for a functional rule of law,” the Facebook page reads.

The protests are scheduled on Sunday, February 5, starting 17.00h.

“Unsurprisingly, the supporters of the status-quo in Bulgaria shudder each time there is talk about justice in Romania. This is why it is important that Romanians succeed to prove that what they’ve won in the past years is irreversible,” the page reads.

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