New restrictions: Night quarantine, green certificate, stores closed at 21:00hrs, private events banned for 30 days


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The National Committee for Emergency Situations approved, on Friday, the new restrictions for limiting the spread of infections with the new coronavirus, discussed following the growing number of cases that have been registered recently. Among the measures adopted are the obligation to wear a mask in all spaces, the prohibition of movement at night, except for vaccinated or those who have gone through the disease, the prohibition of weddings and other private events or participation in activities only on the basis of the green certificate. For the upcoming 30 days starting October 25, stores will have to close down at 21:00hrs.

The green certificate thus becomes mandatory for most activities, at the entrance to malls, restaurants, hotels, except for food stores and religious services, and if you leave the house after 22.00. Only certificates proving vaccination or that you have gone through the disease will be considered. Also, access to any public and private institution (except employees) will be based on the green certificate but in this case the COVID-19 test will be taken into account.

Measures apply for a period of 30 days and are coming into force as of Monday, October 25.


  • the prohibition, for a period of 30 days, of the movement of persons outside the dwelling / household in the time interval 22.00-05.00, with certain exceptions;
  • the prohibition, for a period of 30 days, of carrying out the activity of the economic operators active in the field of trade / provision of services in closed and / or open spaces, in the time interval 21.00-05.00;
  • the activity of restaurants, cafes, etc. inside buildings and terraces to be allowed up to 50% of the maximum capacity of the space, in the time interval 05.00-21.00;
  • the activity of museums, libraries, cinema halls, film production studios, show and concert venues, gyms and fitness halls, gambling halls, indoor pools, playgrounds, fairs and flea markets is allowed only up to 30% capacity within the time frame of 05:00hrs to 21:00hrs.
  • banning the activity in bars, clubs and discos for a period of 30 days, as well as organizing and conducting private events (weddings, baptisms, festive meals, etc.), concerts and shows;
  • banning the participation of spectators in sports competitions;
  • access to all activities and events organized during the period of 30 days according to this decision, to be allowed only to persons vaccinated or who had the disease in the past 6 months;
  • organizing the work schedule for telework or work at home for at least 50% of employees;
  • the access of visitors to all central and local public institutions, economic operators, operating in private office buildings, to be allowed only to persons who present the proof of vaccination, who have gone through the disease in the last 180 days or who have negative tests;
  • mandatory facemasks in all open and closed public spaces, as well as at the office and in the public transportation means.

Public, private schools, kindergartens and after-schools on holiday for 2 weeks, except for nurseries

All pupils go on a two-week holiday as of Monday, October 25. The measures is enforceable both in public and private education units such as schools, kindergartens and after-schools. Secretary of State Raed Arafat mentioned that nurseries will be the only ones to stay open.

At the same time, universities are recommended to halt physical classes and go online.

Initially the discussions were to ban private events, weddings, baptisms and any kind of events also for vaccinated people, as the interim Minister of Health, Cseke Attila announced.  “The ban will be imposed including to people who are vaccinated or have the green certificate. Reality has shown us that we have failed to control it. Private events, weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, anything else will be forbidden, because it is a closed or open space “, the minister argued.

“The green certificate will be mandatory in all other institutions, and in public institutions for all visitors who go to the central and local public administration. And we also might propose the certificate for the offices, for buildings, companies that have more than 50 employees – for those who are visitors “, said the interim Minister of Health, Cseke Attila.

The minister said the measure could only be imposed on visitors, not employees. “Unfortunately, for the employees we cannot propose because we have to go to the Parliament, as it is about the constitutional right to work”, the minister mentioned.

He said restaurants and cafes remain open, but only for the vaccinated. “As for cultural venues,  they will certainly remain open only for those vaccinated and it is up to us to lower the percentage, the threshold of spectators at cultural events – from 50% to 30%, we will see tomorrow. (…) there are still discussions here, but it will be allowed only for those vaccinated“, added the minister.

“Night quarantine is only for the unvaccinated. At night the exceptions will refer to those who are vaccinated, have gone through the disease or are being tested – they have a green certificate. Those who do not have this certificate but go / return from a job, if it is a medical emergency – these are the possible exceptions “, the minister also specified.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations is to convene today at 13:00hrs to decide the specific restrictions to be enforced as of  Monday takes. The Government meeting is scheduled for 14.00hrs.

Two days ago, President Klaus Iohannis announced that all students will be on holiday for two weeks and more restrictions will be imposed.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    I laugh and cheer for all businesses that choose to follow this when they finally go bankrupt!

  2. Giles Eldridge says

    All of this is debatable and unlawful, meaning that it can be argued against at the constitutional court. An interim Govt. has no such powers to introduce these measures. In effect this represents the suspension of democracy – this is a subject that used to interest the people of Romania but now seems unimportant during the current culture of fear. It is subterfuge for the fact that the Govt. has failed to focus on the vaccination of the risk group who are, as a consequence, now dying in hospitals.

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