New Russian drone attack on Izmail port. Ro-Alert message in 8 localities on the Romanian bank of the Danube


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A new Russian drone attack that took place on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday damaged the port infrastructure in the port of Izmail and injured at least six people, three of them in serious condition, Odessa Region Governor Oleh Kiper said. The Romanian authorities sent an RO-Alert message to 8 localities in Tulcea county, located near the border with Ukraine.

“Several groups of drones were launched over Izmail district. Unfortunately, there were strikes: there was damage to ports and other civilian infrastructure,” said Oleh Kiper.

The Russians launched 44 Shahed drones overnight, of which 32 were shot down, according to the Ukrainian military. It appears that the main target of the attacks was the port of Izmail. Izmail, along with the Reni, is one of the largest river ports for grain in Ukraine and is located on the Danube, on the border with Romania.

Ro-Alert message in 8 localities on the Romanian bank of the Danube 

The Romanian authorities issued, on Wednesday morning, an RO-Alert message for several localities in Tulcea county, announcing that there is a possibility of some objects falling from the airspace.

“There is a possibility of some objects falling from the air space. Keep calm! Take shelter in cellars or shelters of civil protection. In the absence of a shelter, stay inside the house, away from the windows and exterior walls”, says the message sent to the population.

According to it, the estimated duration of the event is 90 minutes.

The Tulcea Inspectorate for Emergency Situations specified that the message was sent to the population of 8 localities: Luncavita, Grindu, Isaccea, Ceatalchioi, Chilia, Somova, Pardina and Văcăreni.

A similar RO-Alert message was also issued in Galati. According to the spokesperson of ISU Galati, colonel Eugen Chiriţă, the RO-Alert alarm went off around 3:00 a.m. and targeted the Galati Rutier Customs area towards Giurgiulesti.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) decided, on September 7, to adopt protective measures for the population in the areas of Romanian territory adjacent to the Ukrainian towns of Reni and Ismail, as well as the issuance of RO-Alert messages by the ISU, upon notification MApN, regarding the risk of some “elements belonging to the means of combat used in the conflict” falling.

The Romanian Army announced that the installation of air-raid shelters in Plauru (Tulcea county) began on Tuesday, in accordance with the September 7 decision of the National Security Council. We remind you that at least two drones launched by the Russians, in the war started in Ukraine, fell in Romania, in Plauru.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    How do we control the population? By exposing them to fear. Totally unnecessary intruding Alerts in our daily routine. I wonder which mind is behind this thing?

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