NGO files criminal complaint against Raed Arafat, Firefighters’ Heads following Colectiv footage. Military prosecutors to probe into the new evidence

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Civic group Reset has filed a criminal complaint against the Head of the Emergency Situations Department, Raed Arafat and against the directors of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Orlando Șchiopu and Mihai Guță, following the recent release of a secret footage four years after the Colectiv tragic fire, which show the mess intervention of the first emergency rescue teams that arrived on the scene back then.

Complaint has been filed to the General Prosecutor’s Office, led by Bogdan Licu.

Reset NGO accuse the emergency and rescue teams’ coordinators “of breaking article 275, paragraph 1 in the Criminal Code”.  “Stealing, destroying, hiding or damaging evidence or documents, in the view of preventing investigators from finding the truth in a judiciary procedure is punished with 6 months up to 5 years in prison”.

“We consider that depriving investigators from the footage released in mass media represents a case of obstructing the justice and it is an obvious reason to start criminal prosecutors against those mentioned above. We all knew how chaotic the intervention was, I suspected from the very moment the <rescuers> lack of professionalism and empathy, and the video evidence confirmed our suspicions. At the same time, we notice, one more time, that the state cannot rescue us not even through a compassion proof towards a dying man. We are alone and we only have one another! We proved to ourselves that our howl of rage and our solidarity can (re)build the country where we want to live in!”, the NGO says on its Facebook page.

Military prosecutors announced later on Friday they will investigate the recent footage, to probe whether the rescuers’ intervention had been appropriate.

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