NGO sues Bucharest City Hall over pollution

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The Centre for Sustainable Policies Ecopolis is accusing the Bucharest City Hall that it has no plan to maintain a good air quality and that it has taken no actions to counter pollution. Ecopolis considers that all initiatives in the Integrated Plan on Air Quality drafted by the Capital City Hall are inefficient and do not comply with the legal requirements to be measurable.

“The limits for PM 10 and NO2 have been enforced since 2005 and 2010 respectively, but they have been constantly outranked in Romania. Despite this, the Romanian Government and local authorities have not managed to adopt proper measures to protect the citizens’ health. Exceedance is reported on the limit value for PM10 and PM2,5 and NO2, which are both damaging to the human health“, says the NGO.

Ecopolis argues that the most serious air pollution on long term is caused by the dust particles, PM10, with most of their emissions being recorded in the Bucharest region, which is also one of the most polluted areas in the European Union.

Ecopolis executive manager, Oana Neneciu stated that the Bucharest City Hall has failed to protect the citizens, who are suffering from the effects of the bad air quality.

She also announced the NGO will sue the City Hall over this issue, and that it made the platform, which will provide “a correct and independent” measurement of the air pollution in Bucharest.

According to recent statistics, 25, 000 Romanians have a premature death on an annual basis due to the air pollution, with most of them being from Bucharest.

The pollution topic has stirred a lot of debates and rows lately.

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