NGOs against amending the criminal code and pardon: “Such practices turn Romania back to the ‘90s”

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Several NGOs draw the attention on the government’s attempt to promote, in a non-transparent way, a collective pardon and to amend the criminal code, leaving it without meaning.

The promotion of collective pardon by emergency ordinance is an unprecedented act in Romania’s post-communist history, whereas the statements made by the Justice Minister regarding the impact of the ordinance – saying only 2,300-2,500 inmates will be affected – made us put in doubt the declared purpose of this ordinance, i.e. overcrowding, the signatories say, reports.

The communiqué is signed by: ExpertForum (EFOR), the Institute for Public Policies (IPP), Funky Citizens, the Romanian Centre for European Politics (CRPE), Freedom House Romania, the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS).

“Concluding, we request the Justice Ministry not to promote these amendments through an ordinance and to make public the date regarding the number of prisoners in Romania, in order to find together solutions to overcrowding,” the communiqué reads.


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