Nicholas Medforth-Mills, King Mihai’s nephew: Statement of August 2015 regarding the withdrawal of the title was not written by me

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Nicholas Medforth-Mills, the nephew of King Mihai, has released a press communiqué regarding various issues of his relations with the Royal House and his grandfather.

“I have been following the events and statements given by and on behalf of the Royal Family of Romania over the last two weeks with astonishment but also with great sadness.

What is written bellow are details that are still unknown and that I have chosen to keep to myself in respect of my grandfather and the poor health condition he is and has been for many years. Now, with the same respect for my grandfather, King Michael, I have to make them known. Most of the information recently released to the press by these people has come to unjustly and cruelly damage my grandfather’s image and what he represents for the history of this people. People have the right to be informed and draw their own conclusions about what happens from the Ling’s state of health.

  1. My statement of August 2015 regarding the withdrawal of the title was not written by me, I was forced to accept it. I refused to sign it and until today, it remains unsigned.
  2. There has never been any agreement or agreement signed about my final departure from Romania and the condition of not returning. I would not have accepted an exile like that. I returned to Romania in November 2015 to resolve the situation with my alleged child. Due to the constant lack of co-operation from the mother of my alleged child, this situation has remained unclear. So far, there is no medical evidence to support the mother’s accusations. Therefore, any accusations that are related to this subject are unfounded.
  3. The modest financial support offered by the Royal House was given to me in the initial months in order to establish myself and a new life abroad. Unfortunately, I realize now that I was given this money for another season: it was not a help of any kind, but the price of exile, silence, and removal.
  4. After my removal from the Royal House, the only time I had access to my grandfather was at Aubonne in 2015 on my grandmother’s birthday. We talked about our common passions. He asked me at some point how it is in Romania and what projects I have there. At that moment I understood that the King did not ever know that I had to leave the country. This was a private conversation between me and my grandfather, so absolutely no one but two of us can claim to know what we discussed then.
  5. After I informed my aunt, Margareta, in November 2015 that I arrived in Bucharest to solve a series o personal problems, including the situation of the alleged child, kindly inviting her to meet. I received a very unpleasant email, in which I was accused of disregarding the so-called desire of the King. As a result, the Royal House considered it appropriate to suspend that modest financial aid referred to above. Days later I received a letter from the King, written on a computer, in which I did not recognize my grandfather at all; it was written in a cold manner, informing me that I have been forbidden to come to Romania, to live or work in the country. Knowing him well and spending many years with him, I have the conviction that my grandfather, King Mihai himself, who spent many decades in exile, would not have asked me to leave Romania permanently. If he had anything to say to me, he would have told me directly, as he did every time.”
  6. Nicolae also highlights that during 2015-2017 he had no public appearances or engagements and does not understand how anyone could be banned from public appearances.
  7. He also added that in Switzerland the physicians are banned from revealing publicly the medical files in order to clarify all issues related to the King’s state of health and says ambiguity is preferred.
  8. Concluding, he underscored that his name is Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth- Mills and that a proof of etiquette, respect to its own status is to address a person, in a communiqué, by using the full name.


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