Nicuşor Constantinescu complains to US Ambassador about the DNA

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Former president of Constanta County Council, Nicuşor Constantinescu, sent Tuesday, through his lawyers, an open letter to the US ambassador to Bucharest Hans Klemm, complaining about the ‘DNA repeated abuses’ and  about the ‘shameful and brutal’ treatment he has undergone.

In the document, Nicuşor Constantinescu talks about the repeated abuses against him conducted by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and by the courts, although he is in a state of poor health and lacks specialized medical assistance, he is now in custody, and about the ‘undignified and brutal treatment that seriously affected his health and his put life in danger during the investigation.’

The former president of Constanta County Council accuses the investigators’ methods that ‘brutally violate the right to defence’, placing the defendants in ‘humiliating and degrading’ situations and making use of methods of investigation and research that put their health and life in peril, in the fight against corruption supported by the US ambassador.

“I do not think I am a unique case in that fight that you support against corruption in Romania, in inquisitional ways and is subject to the sole purpose of obtaining the conviction in any conditions, by brutally violating the right of defence, putting defendants in humiliating and degrading situations and making use of methods of investigation and research that put their health and life in peril,” reads the document.

He claims that during the judicial proceedings all his requests to outline the defence “have been ‘constantly’ rejected, improperly and steadily, without any legal basis”, his right to a fair trial being violated.

He accuses the DNA prosecutor who investigated the case and the Constanta Court of Appeal judges, where the file in which he has been taken in custody is on trial, of ‘discretionary and inhuman’ conduct and says that, being ill, he was subject to psychological pressure which even a healthy culprit would hardly cope with.

Finally, Nicusor Constantinescu expresses confidence that the open letter will have Ambassador Hans Klemm’s attention and that he will take the (measures) considered appropriate for his position.


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